Step Outside Your Fitness Box

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I feel like in the fitness world, you have to be a either a weights person or a runner or a yogi or a Pilates girl etc but why can’t we be all of them. Fitness isn’t my everything, I danced and moved my body from the age of 4 and then at 16 when my friends started going to the gym and using the cross trainer, I found it a bit odd that you’d have to go and dedicate time out of your day to “workout” because I just did something I love which was dance but I never saw that as fitness.

Toni: “The Beautiful Thing About Life Is Everyone Is So Different”

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Kirsty: “Accept It, Own It And Move On.”

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This week in honour of Mental Health Awareness week and as my ambassador role at The Princes Trust, I and 4 of my best friends are posting about the topic on my blog. Come back every day for a new post. I met Kirsty a few years a go through social media which seems slightly ironic when you read her beautiful post. However our friendship does highlight a positive aspect of the online world. Kirsty has become like a big sister to me and we met at a time when we both probably needed a new sister. Thank you for opening up on my blog this week big sis…

Scarlett : “There’s nothing rare, strange or shameful about our mental health”

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This week in honour of Mental Health Awareness week and as my ambassador role at The Princes Trust, I and my 4 best friends are posting about the topic on my blog. Come back every day for a new post. I’m handing over to Scarlett today. One of the strongest women I know and have admired since we met in year 8 Biology, she is my most honest friend. I’m so proud of her now a reiki therapist, meditation teacher and becoming a counsellor with her intention only ever to help as many people as she can.


“There’s nothing rare, strange or shameful about our mental health”

When Lottie asked me to write a blog for mental health awareness week I was so eager to speak because this subject is so close to my heart,

Lottie: 10 years of Dear Diary…

dear diary lottie murphy

It’s mental health awareness week and last night I decided I wanted to write.

I didn’t really know where to start with this post.

I could have spoken about my mental health issues around food as young dancer or the dark place I found myself in last year but then to be honest it didn’t feel useful enough to share with you.

I wanted to share more than I usually do which yes is scary but also it’s the only way I felt I could really, just maybe make a difference. When someone has opened up to me or I’ve read an autobiography or watched a documentary where someone has shared an experience or a little piece of them, it’s made me feel trusted so I guess I’m trusting you as my readers. And I hope that in some way this post may resonate with you or someone you know in a small significant way that perhaps isn’t even relevant right now but maybe one day when you need someone to just feel like they know…

Reset With My Lifestyle Habits For A Healthy Happy Mind And Body

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It’s that time of year again when I overhear so many conversations about people going to drastic measures to lose weight for holidays, weddings etc. It’s okay, I get it! We’re post Easter and post the first May bank holiday and it kind of feels like you need a kick start again and set some serious resolutions that are basically the same as the new year ones you set 4 months ago. I hear ya! I’m still trying to kick my sugar habit! Let the guilt go, try to avoid setting yourself unachievable goals like smashing a 10k run every morning and approach your journey to beach life in an easy breezy self loving way with my go to lifestyle habits for healthy happy body. Having guilt is not healthy so take a deep breathe and start a new day… 

What Happens When 15 Girls Hit The “Other Side” Of Ibiza

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Adding 15 girls who don’t know each other to a whatsapp group knowing they are jumping on flights to Ibiza leaving the heels at home and packing leggings and journals for my first ever retreat didn’t feel real as I approached our gorgeous villa and home for the week a couple of weekends ago. After months of preparation, I felt like I was so ready to welcome them and make their week one to remember. Whether it was sparking a new passion for Pilates, introducing them to a new way of eating or simply creating a zen environment for them to switch off and finally read that book; I had butterflies in my belly for what the week would become. What I could only have dreamt came true- making friends for life, starting new adventures and having the most fun! Here’s the low down on my first Ibiza retreat…

Healthy Eating “Rules” That Don’t Make Sense To Me

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I remember waking up one morning a couple of years ago after reading so much information on dietary theories and nutrition, that I simply didn’t know what to eat. Should I have eggs, a smoothie, porridge, a steak!? With so many ‘rules’ and conflicting information out there, I felt overwhelmed and lost touch with listening to my body. I think we can all be guilty of this with the distractions and stresses daily life can put on us. Now as a qualified holistic health coach, I believe that stressing out over what to eat just isn’t healthy – and unfortunately, there’s not one miracle diet out there for everyone. 

Somerset Pilates And Yoga Retreat | 19th-22nd June 2017

42 acres lottie emily retreat

Emily and I are very excited to be back at 42 Acres in Somerset in June. After teaming up with Our Retreat for their first ever U.K retreat there in March, we realised how incredible the combination of doing yoga and Pilates is and also how much our teaching styles worked well together. There was something really magical about the farmhouse and the time we spent their, find out more information and how to book below…

Tilton House Yoga, Pilates and Meditation Retreat | 4th Aug 2017- 6th Aug 2017

tilton house retreat lottie murphy

Join me and two of my best friends and inspirations Scarlett and Emily for a weekend of movement, delicious food, country walks and relaxation. We are bringing our expertise together for this unique retreat and escape in the countryside. This is my only weekend retreat this year and I’m so excited, it’s going to be so much fun. Join us and prepare to feel refreshed and re-energised…