Healthy Eating “Rules” That Don’t Make Sense To Me

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I remember waking up one morning a couple of years ago after reading so much information on dietary theories and nutrition, that I simply didn’t know what to eat. Should I have eggs, a smoothie, porridge, a steak!? With so many ‘rules’ and conflicting information out there, I felt overwhelmed and lost touch with listening to my body. I think we can all be guilty of this with the distractions and stresses daily life can put on us. Now as a qualified holistic health coach, I believe that stressing out over what to eat just isn’t healthy – and unfortunately, there’s not one miracle diet out there for everyone. 

Somerset Pilates And Yoga Retreat | 19th-22nd June 2017

42 acres lottie emily retreat

Emily and I are very excited to be back at 42 Acres in Somerset in June. After teaming up with Our Retreat for their first ever U.K retreat there in March, we realised how incredible the combination of doing yoga and Pilates is and also how much our teaching styles worked well together. There was something really magical about the farmhouse and the time we spent their, find out more information and how to book below…

Tilton House Yoga, Pilates and Meditation Retreat | 4th Aug 2017- 6th Aug 2017

tilton house retreat lottie murphy

Join me and two of my best friends and inspirations Scarlett and Emily for a weekend of movement, delicious food, country walks and relaxation. We are bringing our expertise together for this unique retreat and escape in the countryside. This is my only weekend retreat this year and I’m so excited, it’s going to be so much fun. Join us and prepare to feel refreshed and re-energised…

Healthy Hair And A Botanical Bake

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I’m all about adding a little bit of nature to my life in any way I can. I love plants (although still trying to learn how to keep them alive). I also love combining beauty and botanicals and this year I’ve been lucky enough to fully immerse myself on two occasions with the new plant loving haircare brand Botanicals Fresh Care, once in Paris and then at The Thyme Cottages. Since first being introduced to this brand in January, I’ve been using their Coriander range which is aimed at strengthening the hair, perfect for me due to my constant need for beachy sunkissed waves unfortunately meaning bleach and hot curling tongs. I was inspired by the range to create a botanical bake secretly packing in some of that super coriander…

Waking Up To You

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“You have a treasure within you that is infinitely greater than anything the world can offer.” – Eckhart Tolle

Somewhere along the line, living an active healthy lifestyle has become hard work and effort. It’s something that we have to think about and find inspiration and motivation to do and I really believe it can be easier. It becomes easy when you realise that you are so unique and what works for you will be completely different to your friend, boyfriend, work colleague…

My Studio To Street Spring Essentials

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With more and more of us making fitness a huge part of our lives, I’m finding that most of my catch-ups with friends now include not only food but the all important new gym class or workout too. The last few catch ups I’ve had in fact have been trying a new boxing class with my bestie, taking my sis in law to her first Psycle class for moral support and getting through a F45 class with a new blogger babe…

Because It Makes Me Feel Something And That Is All

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“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness!” Joseph H. Pilates. An interesting quote that at first I didn’t like because I thought there’s so many other ways one can gain happiness but the more I think about it the more I believe Joseph Pilates may have been on to something. Because physical fitness is movement and movement is body, mind and spirit connection whether you’re running, doing Pilates, dancing or breathing. I believe that the mind, body and spirit are connected and can’t be separated. Sometimes I’m conscious of that relationship and sometimes I’m not but it’s always connected…

Lisbon Love

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There’s nothing better a weekend with friends in a new city, exploring, eating, laughing and Lisbon is where me and my girlfriends escaped to for just that last September. I don’t know why I haven’t popped this post and vlog up yet but thought it seemed a good time as I know a few people heading there this year. We ate some amazing food and drank even more amazing wine out there, I’ve listed some of the places below but the main thing about this break and any trip I go on, is spending time with the people I’m with and taking a moment to look at life through fresh eyes…

You Can Have It All

Thyme country lottie murphy honest

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see I’ve just got back from Thyme Cottages in Wiltshire. Whenever I escape London even if it’s for 24 hours, I feel like time stands still a little and I get a new perspective on my life back in London and it was so wonderful to be away with the most incredible group of people this time. The women in my community inspire me daily online but even more so when I get to hang out with them in person…

Open Pesto, Roasted Veg and Egg Sandwich

open pesto sandwich

You’re probably pancaked out so I thought I’d bring you my favourite lunch recipe at the moment. I was first introduced to roasted veg on toast a few years ago when I chose it at an italian cafe in Kent (of all places) and it’s now a favourite toast topping of mine! It usually works well with feta or goats cheese but I’ve swapped the cheese for an egg today and whizzed up a quick homemade pesto too…